KKmoon Higher Precision Electronic DDS Twin-channel Sign Supply Generator Arbitrary Waveform Frequency Meter 200MSa/s 25MHz @ RivalEnergy.com

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Technical specs
Standard Modes(Optional): .01Hz~25MHz
Sq. Wave: .01Hz~6MHz
Triangle Wave: .01Hz~6MHz
Sawtooth Wave: .01Hz~6MHz
Arbitrary Waveform: .01Hz~6MHz
TTL Electronic Sign Wave: .01Hz~6MHz
Output Modulation: Frequency Sweep
The Min. Frequency Resolution: 10mHz
Amplitude Assortment(Peak to Peak
Offset Assortment: -one hundred twenty%~one hundred twenty% (The ratio of bias voltage and sign amplitude)
Bias Resolution: one%
Stage Assortment: ~359°
Stage Resolution: 1°
Sine Wave: Harmonic Arrived Procedure 40dBc(<1MHz) 35dBc(1MHz~20MHz)
Distortion: <0.8%(20Hz~20KHz)
Sq. Wave: Lifting Together Time ≤20ns
Overshoot: ≤10%
Obligation Cycle Adjustment Assortment: %~ninety nine.nine%
TTL Lifting Together Time: ≤20ns
Low Level: <0.3V
Higher Level: 1V~seven.5V
Memory Depth/Team: 1KB/sixteen
Scan Time: 1s-500s
Scan Assortment: It is established by the sweep parameter options
Exterior Measurements: Frequency Measuring Assortment

GATE-TIME=10S .1Hz – 60MHz

GATE-TIME=1S 1Hz – 60MHz

GATE-TIME=.1S 10Hz – 60MHz

GATE-TIME=.01S 100Hz – 60MHz

Package List
one * Sign Supply Generator
one * USB Cable
one * CD
one * TTL Growth Board
2 * BNC Clips Cable
Can output arbitrary waveforms and traditional perform waveforms(sine/triangle/square/sawtooth wave and TTL sign).
All capabilities are digitally controlled, exact and secure.With one hundred twenty% ~ + one hundred twenty% DC bias perform.
Twin-channel output, can work in sync, stage variation is adjustable.four TTL output(stage variation is adjustable).
With linear sweep(Max. up to 500s) and logarithmic frequency sweep capabilities.Has a frequency measurement, interval measurement, positive and damaging pulse width measurement, duty cycle measurements and counting perform.
Sign of equally channels has created-in sophisticated -20dB attenuator in get to arrive at the minimal amplitude resolution 1mV.With USB interface, right after the connection with Laptop, the Laptop can be used to control the instrument.

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