BoneView Ozone Generator, Lithium Battery Powered Odor Elimination System for Your Deer Hunting Gear Bag with Powerful Triple Oxygen Scent Crushing Technology at the Molecular Level (white) @

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The days of scent killer spray and carbon lined clothing have come and gone. Ozone has proven to be the most effective way of removing odors from your hunting clothing and gear before your hunt. And its incredibly easy and convenient. Just toss the BoneView Ozone Generator into your gear bag, tote or backpack for the days between your hunts to completely sterilize and remove all scent from your hunting gear. Humans should avoid breathing Ozone directly, so we have designed this product for use in confined gear bags, totes and backpacks up to 6 cubic feet. We do not recommend using this product in a vehicle, closet, or indoors unless it is confined inside a gear bag, tote or backpack. This model sports a 500-mAh portable lithium battery that will give you hours of ozone pumping generation
– Simply recharge it by plugging into the standard micro USB charge port to use it over and over again

Package Includes:
• 1 x Portable Ozone Generating Odor Eliminator
• 1 x Micro USB cable
• 1 x User ManualThis compact yet powerful Ozone Generator from BoneView is designed to eliminate all scents and odors from hunting clothing and hunting gear including human (body) odor, sweat, bacteria, chemical, and smoke
Designed specifically for avid whitetail, mule deer, elk, bear and predator hunters where scent control is key
One-button operation is a simple and effective means to protect your gear from contamination, ensuring your gear is always scent-free ready when you hit the woods
The unit is battery powered, portable and designed to work in your hunting gear bags, totes and backpacks up to 6 cubic feet
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides several days run time and over 500 recharges. Standard micro-USB charging cable included

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